CatEye 1.002

Add special effects to iChat and Photo Booth


  • Lots of different effects
  • Easy to access and install
  • Works with both iChat and Photo Booth


  • Many effects are poorly designed


CatEye is a collection of eight bundles of special effects for iChat and Photo Booth.

The exact bundles of special effects it features are RetroPixels: retro art effects from the sixties and seventies, LoveFor80s: retro video effects from the eighties, BentPels: image warping effects from the nineties, FewTile: image tiling effects and BoobToob: analog TV effects.

Each bundle of effects in CatEye can be installed separately and they are conveniently grouped together when presented in Photo Booth. When you want to spice-up a conversation or surprise a friend, activate the Pong video game and watch balls fly across the screen.

If you're looking for a retro effect, then how about rolling back to the days of VHS video including a green hue for a really authentic worn effect? Alternatively, for fans of flower power CatEye has some cool flower child polaroid style effects too.

Although the selection of effects in CateEye is generous, only a few of them are really well done. Many of them are either poorly designed or are hard to identify exactly what they're supposed to be.

Nevertheless, CatEye is a fun way to spice-up iChat and Photo Booth sessions on your Mac.

Compatibility fixes for other QC Filter applications


  • Compatibility fixes for other QC Filter applications


CatEye 1.002

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